Work Packages

WP1 - Networking Activities

These exchange activities aim to encourage and facilitate long-term collaboration between the academic and industrial sectors, in order to promote planning of joint activities to exploit ideas, concepts and research findings.

WP2 - Joint Research and Training activities

The research and the training activities aim at advancing the state-of-the-art by achieving a multi-disciplinary understanding regarding the development of smart solutions for management of helmets thermal performance.

WP3 - Joint Workshops

Joint workshops aim to advance the expertise, skills and knowledge of experienced professionals and to transfer their expertise to their cross-sectoral colleagues and early-stage researchers.

WP4 - Innovation Events

These exchange activities aim at fostering the alignment of cultures and mind settings between the academic and industrial sectors, as well as promoting the exchange of expertise and experiences on innovation related topics.

WP5 - Dissemination activities

Dissemination activities aim at ensuring an effective dissemination of the results of the collaboration towers the scientific community, decision-makers and industry.

WP6 - Public Outreach

These activities aim at raising society awareness on project results and their implications to the citizens, highlighting the benefits of intersectoral research initiatives.


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