Short Overview

I'm an IT Engineer graduated in Information Systems and Computing at Faculty of Engineering of University of Porto (FEUP) with a master degree in the fields of Entrepreneurship and Innovation. Besides that, I also have a PhD. degree in the field of telecommunications management.


I also have some relevant professional experience, within the public and private sectors. In the public sector, I already worked at FEUP University as assessor of SEF, where I was responsible for the development and coordination of information systems projects. In the private sector, I already had the opportunity to work at Critical Software and Qimonda in the competence department of Database. I also worked at INESC Porto in the ENTHRONE and VISNET II European Projects. Currently, I work at ISR Porto where I'm responsible for the creation of a transport experton for a company's consortium leaded by Airbus.


Besides these academic/professional activities, I like to read technical articles about business models, software engineering and knowledge transfer. Iím also involved in social and politic activities at Gaia JSD and PSD. Finally, I like to play sports, meet new friends and I enjoy travelling very much.

Curriculum Vitae

You may request a copy of my Curriculum Vitae sending me an email. A portuguese and english version (short and full) is available.



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