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Technical Reports

Development and finalization of XPRESS standards in terms of a Manufactronic networked factory. [XPRESS EUF6]. Vision of standardization process, description of manufactronic networked factory standardization and analysis of implementation approach.


Realization of the Transport Manufactron. [XPRESS EUF6]. Overview of TEM and TE architectures, analysis of project code structure and vision of prototype and execution scenarios.


Development of an intelligent selector for a transport optimization method. [XPRESS EUF6]. Investigation on different technologies for optimization methods, development of an optimization method and impementation of an intelligent algorithm for finding the best suitable method for the given task description.


Transport Experton: Conveyor belt and AGV scenarios. [XPRESS EUF6]. Specification of the architecture and definition of the implementation strategy to emulate and simulate the production of complex items at the shop floor.


ENTHRONE: Customer Service Manager. [ENTHRONE EUF6]. Specification of the architecture and communication methods to implement a service manager at the service provider with multimedia adapters.


MPEG eXtensible Middleware (MXM). [MPEG ISO/IEC]. Specification of the technical requirements and proposition of demonstration methods to implement a MPEG extensible Middleware for the international MPEG-21 consortium.


PhD. thesis. Creation of value with OS software in the telecommunications field (PhD.).


Master dissertation Master thesis about entrepreneurship of open source software to obtain the level of master (Msc.).


Thesis of university degree. Final report of my final work to obtain the level of degree (Bsc. of 5 years).



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