ISR Porto

AGV Emulation - Specification and implementation of a transport experton based in an AGV scenario. This project includes improve traffic management algorithms, guarantee early detection (and avoidance) of deadlocks and re-routing of vehicles (mission swap).

Conveyor Belt Emulation - Specification and implementation of a transport experton based in a conveyor belt scenario.

WCF Encoding Options - Analysis of Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) security and list of alternatives offered by WCF to develop Web Services.

UTM Division at INESC

UML EIMS - UML sequences and scenarios description for the EIMS components.

CustSrvMngr Requirements - Customer Service Manager’s requirements specification document.

ENTHRONE II - Implementation of Customer Service Manager and integration with external modules and partners. It also includes the supported XML and XSD metadata.

VISNET II - The purpose of this project is to build an international excellence network for the establishment and implementation of a network audiovisual system composed by three clusters: video coding, audiovisual processing and security.

MXM API for MPEG-21 standard - Development of a Multimedia Extensible Middleware (MXM) API for manipulation of Digital Items, access to text and binary contents and access to protected data fields.

Critical Software

EBS-DB Rules Engine - Rules Engine procedures to implement UTP requirements to Qimonda AG.

EBS-DB Converters - Functions in C++ to implement UTP requirements for Converters.

EBS-DB Perfomance Analysis - Top queries analysis of EBS-DB in several Qimonda sites.

SEF Department at FEUP

SEF Page - Official page of the SEF Division at FEUP.

Fenix Project - Web page of the Fénix Project. It’s the place where is available all the information related with this project.

Traineeship - UESP Division at INESC

Comp_CPSvPlone - Report that compares two tools of management contents available in the European Market: Plone and Nuxeo CPS.

Manual_Utiliz - Manual of the documentation and collaborative Project developped to INESC Porto.

Final_Report_Present - Final report and presentation of the traineeship.

University - (MSc. Student) - Master in Innovation and Technological Entrepreneurship

Enabler_Present - Plan of marketing for the Enabler company. Focus in the market analysis, segmentation, competition and marketing.-mix.

Management_Enabler - Strategic management plan of the Enabler company. Focus in information technologies, value chain, competitive advantages and strategic global position.

University (BSc. Student of 5 years) - Informatics and Computation Engineering

Damas - Game developped using the Java and Java3D Technologies. It’s a chess game that uses the combination of several textures and several degrees of illumination.

Editor Gráfico - Program that analysis the complexity of dram geometric figures. Each figure is represented using spheric and Cartesian variables.

Pesquisa_Ord - Program that analysis and compares several methods of search and ordination inside a vector structure. In the final of each execution, it shows the performance of each approach.

Fornec_Hosp - Project that creates an information system of a health care unity.

Case CC&AA - Project in the fields of logistic operations. The propose was create a distribution center for a company case study.

CESAD - Local of a scholar center in the countryside of Portugal using a multi-criterium approach.

High School

Quiz_Jogo - Game developped using the programming lang. Pascal and graphical interfaces in MS-DOS. It’s a football simulator based in the popular game “Donos do Jogo”.

Pimentel&Barbosa - Program developped using MS-Access and VBA. It’s possible to record the stock control operations and clients management of a small company of industrial equipment.

Matrizes - Program developped using the programming lang. Pascal. It’s possible to make a lot of operations over matrices.



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