Computer Labs - 1st Semester
Lab 4: The PS/2 Mouse

1. Objectives

The objectives of this lab are threefold:

  1. that you learn the operation of the PS/2 mouse and how to use its low level interface.
  2. that you get a better understanding of the interrupt mechanism and that you learn how to use it in the context of the PS/2 mouse
  3. that you learn how to implement state machines in event-driven designs

This lab is planned for one lab class, but you are expected to work also during Semana da FEUP. More specifically, in addition to attend the lectures and spend 5 hours preparing for the lab class, you are expected to work about 8 hours during Semana da FEUP.

This handout is structured as follows:

2. What to Do
which summarizes what you are supposed to implement and what you have to do in order to prepare for the lab class
3. The PS/2 Mouse and its i8042
which provides an overview of the PS/2 mouse and its controller. More detailed information can be found in the resources linked in this section.
4. Minix 3 Notes
which describes some Minix 3.1.8 aspects that are relevant for the lab.
5. Test Functions Specification
which specifies the test functions that you must implement and that we will use to grade your work
6. Compilation
7. Configuration and execution
8. Submission
9- Grading criteria



This lab is based on a lab by João Cardoso and Miguel P. Monteiro for DJGPP running on Windows98.