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Description of Course Unit

General Information

Course Unit: Information Systems and Databases
Code: EEC0044
Programmes: MIEEC, 4º, 31 students
Academic Year: 2011/2012
Semester: 1S ECTS: 6
Hours/Weeks: 2T, 2x2P
Teachers: João Correia Lopes

Teaching Language


Objectives, Skills and Learning Outcomes


This course aims to endow students with skills to design and develop Web-accessible Information Systems supported by Databases.

Learning Outcomes

Students, who successfully complete this course, should be able to:

  1. Identify the requirements of an information system;
  2. Design an entity relationship diagram of a database;
  3. Convert an entity relationship diagram into the relational model;
  4. Use relational algebra to formulate questions to a relational database;
  5. Create and explore a database using the DBMS PostgreSQL;
  6. Formulate SQL queries;
  7. Design an user interface using XHTML;
  8. Use PHP, a scripting language, and PHP libraries to develop an user interface;
  9. Define presentation styles using CSS.


  • Extended Entity Relationship Model
  • Relational Model
  • Relational Algebra
  • SQL
  • PostgreSQL
  • Advanced topics: triggers, indexes and transactions;
  • Web Information Systems
  • Client-side languages: HTML, CSS
  • Server-side languages. PHP

Main Bibliography

Complementary Bibliography

Teaching Procedures

In theoretical classes the topics of the course will be presented and discussed.

In practical classes there will be assignments about the Entity-Relationship and Relational models and a project using PHP and PostgreSQL will be developed.


  • PostgreSQL, PHP


Physical sciences > Computer science > Informatics

Evaluation Type

Distributed evaluation with final exam

Registered evaluation and occupation components

Description Type Time (Hours) Date of conclusion
Attendance (estimated) Lectures 56
Requirements report Project Work 25 2011-11-04
Architecture report Project Work 25 2011-11-18
Product and presentation Project Work 35 2011-12-16
Examn Test/Examination 21
Total: 162

Admission to Exams

Distributed evaluation will be based on:

  • A laboratory group assignment (2 students)

The Final Exam will contain questions about:

  • Entity-relationship modelling
  • Conversion into the Relation model
  • Relational algebra
  • SQL
  • Advanced database topics

Minimum required to pass this course: 40% in each practical assignment and in the final exam.

Final grade

The final grade is the result of:

  • Requirements report (2,5 points)
  • Architecture report (2,5 points)
  • Information System Implementation (5 points)
  • Final exam (10 points)

Special Assignments

There are no special works or tests.

Improvement of Final/Distributed Classification

Students can improve their distributed evaluation grade in the course's next edition.

Special evaluation (TE, DA, ...)

All students have the same evaluation.


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