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 [[https://​docs.docker.com/​get-started/​|Docker documentation]] [[https://​docs.docker.com/​get-started/​|Docker documentation]]
-**To be continued...**+ 
 +===== - Develop the project with Docker, Laravel & PostgreSQL ===== 
 +The group develops a web application using the Laravel server framework.  
 +The group starts the project by copying the files available at the template repository ([[https://​git.fe.up.pt/​lbaw/​template-laravel]]) to their own repository, and then follow the instructions detailed in the README, to set up the development requirements. 
 +The project uses the PostgreSQL database management system.  
 +A local instance is created using the bundled Docker compose file (see the README for the required steps to start it). 
 +The group should keep an up to date Docker image of their project at all times  in the group'​s Docker hub repository (see the template README for the required steps).  
 +[[https://​laravel.com/​docs/​5.5/​readme|Laravel documentation]] | [[https://​docs.docker.com/​get-started/​|Docker documentation]] | [[http://​www.postgresql.org/​docs/​9.4/​static/​index.html|PostgreSQL 9.4 Manual]] | [[https://​www.pgadmin.org/​|pgAdmin]] 
 +===== - Production Environment ===== 
 +The group should follow the instructions in the README file to keep the project up to date on their production environment.  
 +Using the FEUP VPN, the project will be available at ''​http://​lbaw20gg.lbaw-prod.fe.up.pt''​.  
 +The production environment is updated every 60 minutes. 
 +===== -  Some helpful tools ===== 
 +[[https://​validator.nu/​|HTML Validator (Validator.nu)]] |  
 +[[http://​jigsaw.w3.org/​css-validator/?​profile=css3|CSS Validator (W3C) ]] |  
 +[[http://​validator.w3.org/​docs/​checklink.html|W3C LinkChecker]] |  
 +[[http://​www.websiteoptimization.com/​services/​analyze/​|Speed Report]] ​
 \\ \\
  --- //LBAW//  --- //LBAW//
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