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LBAW 2018/2019

Master in Informatics and Computing Engineering
Database and Web Applications Laboratory
Instance: 2018/2019

Database and Web Applications Laboratory (Laboratório de Bases de Dados e Aplicações Web)

In this course, the students will learn how to design and develop web-based information systems backed by database management systems.

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Week Date w. Lecture (B001) Practical Assessment
1 11/02/2019 Introduction to Course. Project presentation. Actors and user stories. [Class] Working groups and project themes. Project presentation (A1). [Class]
2 18/02/2019 Web Interaction Design. [Class] Actors and User stories (A2). [Class] A1
3 25/02/2019 Basics of Visual Design. [Class] User Interfaces Design (A3). [Class] A2
4 04/03/2019 Conceptual Data Model. Database specification. Relational Schema. Relational Schema validation. [Class] Implementation of the user interfaces (A3). [Class]
5 11/03/2019 Database tuning. Physical Schema. Indexes. PostgreSQL. [Class] Conceptual Data Model (A4). [Class] A3
6 18/03/2019 Integrity and security. Triggers. Transactions. User-defined functions. [Class] Relational Schema, validation and schema refinement (A5). [Class] A4
7 25/03/2019 Web applications: history, architectural models and server-side web technologies. [Class] Integrity constraints. Indexes, triggers and user functions. Database with data (A6). [Class] A5
8 01/04/2019 Frameworks Web. Laravel. [Class] High-level architecture. Privileges. Web resources specification (A7). [Class]
9 08/04/2019 Information Retrieval. [Class] High-level architecture. Privileges. Web resources specification (A7). Vertical prototype (A8). [Class] A6
10 15/04/2019 Easter Holidays. [Break]
11 22/04/2019 Client web technologies and concepts: HTML5 APIs, Performance. [Class] Main accesses to the database (SQL). Transactions (A9). Product development (A10). [Class] A7, A8
12 29/04/2019 Invited presentation. [Class] Product development (A10). [Class] A9, Minitest
13 06/05/2019 Queima das fitas. [Break]
14 13/05/2019 Invited presentation. [Class] Product development (A10). [Class]
15 20/05/2019 Invited presentation. [Class] Product development (A10). [Class]
16 27/05/2019 Invited presentation. [Class] Product development (A10). [Class]
17 03/06/2019 Product delivery (A10).
18 10/06/2019 Presentation and discussion (A11).

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A6: Integrity constraints. Indexes, triggers, user functions and database populated with data 23/03/2019 23:52 Correia Lopes
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