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feupteses LaTeX style

%% FEUP, JCL & JCF, Mon Oct  2 16:35:08 2017
%% PLEASE send improvements to <jlopes@fe.up.pt> and to <jcf@fe.up.pt>

The sources and PDF examples of the general style of the FEUP dissertations can be found at /~jlopes/tutoriais/feup-teses/, that can also be downloaded from archive file feup-teses.zip.

The materials related to the MIEIC preparation of dissertations are available in the directory ~jlopes/tutoriais/mieic-distrib/, that can also be downloaded from archive file mieic-distrib.zip.

External options

  • Language: portugues (English by default)
  • Course: mieec, mieic, miem, mesw (name externally provided by default)
  • Subject: prep (for Dissertation Preparation; to be used only with options mieec or mieic)
  • Layout: juri, final ("provisional" by default)
  • Media: onpaper ("online" by default)
  • Internal references: backrefs (not used by default)

Private documentation is available in: Developers' feupteses LaTeX style.


  • Use pdflatex instead of latex.
  • The main file is tese.tex (or thesis.tex). Please read the instructions inside.
  • The style is defined in feupteses.sty.
  • To re-create the example you may use the makefile, or else do:
pdflatex tese
bibtex tese
pdflatex tese
pdflatex tese

The file tese.pdf (or thesis.pdf) contains the result.

  • The file plainnat-pt.bst is needed to process references in the format (author,date) in Portuguese, In English use plainnat.bst.
  • The file alpha-pt.bst is needed to use alphabetic references.
  • The character set used in the editing tool should be reported through the appropriate option:
   For the MAC use native encoding instead of UTF-8
  • Using the MiKTeX distribution, to have the correct hyphenation, select the Portuguese language in "Start→ Programs→ MiKTeX 2→ MiKTeX Option".
  • About the figures:
    • pdf(la)tex works with the following formats: png, jpeg, tiff and pdf. Files produced by Metapost (which are written in a simplified version of Postscript) can also be used. To convert eps (Encapsulated Postscript) figures to pdf, the epstopdf program can be used. To remove existing space around pdf figures, pdfcrop can be used.
    • To use the same eps figures with pdflatex and latex, as well as using figures created with the package pstricks, the package pst-pdf.sty can be used (It is justified only in very special cases!)
  • To automate the calls to latex, bibtex, etc. the auxiliary program latexmk can be used. It is available in TeXlive and MikTeX (http://texcatalogue.sarovar.org/entries/latexmk.html).

JCL & JCF, 2011-07-31

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