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DAPI 2017/2018

Master in Informatics and Computing Engineering
Information Description, Storage and Retrieval
Instance: 2017/2018

Information Description, Storage and Retrieval (Descrição, Armazenamento e Pesquisa de Informação)

This course aims to: (i) introduce the the main issues in the organization and storage of large data collections; (ii) introduce the main concepts in textual information retrieval and their application in retrieval tools; and (iii) explore the semantic web methods and tools and use web resources and their descriptions in applications that make use of data semantics.

"Students are responsible for anything that transpires during a class. Therefore if you're not in a class, you should get notes from someone else (not the instructor)". David Maier

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Week Day Topics (Wednesday 8h00, B326) Milestones Materials
1 21/09/2017 0. Introduction. I. Datasets. I1. Domain identification. I2. Collection and preparation of data. Milestone #1: Groups and practical work. [Class]
2 28/09/2017 I3. Models and data characterisation. I4. Storage and access to data. Milestone #1: Working with datasets. [Class]
3 05/10/2017 National holiday [Break]
4 12/10/2017 II. Information Retrieval. II1. Basic concepts. Milestone #2: Information Retrieval. [Class]
5 19/10/2017 II2. Information Retrieval models. Delivery and Presentation #1 [Schedule] [Class]
6 26/10/2017 II3. Evaluation of retrieval systems. Milestone #2: Information Retrieval. [Class]
7 02/11/2017 Semana da FEUP [Break]
8 09/11/2017 II4. Information retrieval on the Web. Milestone #2: Information Retrieval. [Class]
9 16/11/2017 Mini-test #1 (B104) [Guide]
10 23/11/2017 III. Semantic Web. III1. Representation. RDF, RDF Schema. Querying. SPARQL. Milestone #3: Semantic Web. [Class]
11 30/11/2017 Delivery and Presentation #2 [Schedule]
12 07/12/2017 III2. Ontologies. OWL. Milestone #3: Semantic Web. [Class]
13 14/12/2017 III3. Vocabularies. Linked data, Dublin Core. Milestone #3: Semantic Web. [Class]
04/01/2018 Delivery and Presentation #3
Mini-test #2 (B104)
[Schedule] [Guide]

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