Nowadays information is considered one of the essential goods of any organization, is important both in their daily and decision making activities. The volume of documents (in digital or paper format) that enter and circulate in an organization is growing and the organizations are not prepared to sort and manage these documents in an appropriate manner. In this context emerged the document management and workflow systems which organize, store and manage documents more efficiently, while control and automate all the actions that must be performed on them. This project was conducted in iPortalMais company that develops and markets the document manager iPortalDoc. iPortalDoc works in an organizationâs Intranet server IPBrick and offers the features of a document management system. The goal of this work is to study the operation and implementation of iPortalDoc and specify and implement an additional module that can play some of the features of iPortalDoc providing them on the Web to users outside the organization. This way was created iPortalDoc Light, which is installed on an IPBrick server with public domain and works as a platform for access iPortalDocthrough the Web. iPortalDoc Light runs on an independent server and uses the information created and stored in the iPortalDoc to enable its users to view and enter documents or participate in actions of workflows. In the future it is intended to continue the integration of tools and new features developed for iPortalDoc. This module is available in the company where it was developed, iPortalMais and is marketed along with the iPortalDoc and IPBrick.par