Since 19th June 1985, I'm doing research at "Instituto de Engenharia de Sistemas e Computadores (INESC)" in Information Systems, Databases & Software Engineering.

Computing Science Department, University of Glasgow

From October 1991 to January 1995, I was doing research in Persistent Programming, in the FIDE project, Glasgow University, Department of Computing Science, working in my PhD in the Persistence and Distribution Group.

PhD Thesis

My PhD degree in Computing Science was awarded in June 1997 by University of Glasgow.

Title: An Architecture for the compilation of Persistent Polymorphic Reflective Higher-order Languages
Thesis: My thesis is that an intermediate representation designed to enable high level optimisations and easy code generation can effectively support persistent reflective higher-order polymorphic languages in the context of Scalable Persistent Foundations, namely that it supports longevity, safety and persistence.
This was demonstrated by presenting an initial design of such a compilation system and identifying and validating its crucial features by prototyping.

You may have a look at the Abstract, or bibliography (41kB, ps.gz).