PI: Ana Aguiar

Email: ana dot aguiar at fe.up.pt

Latest News

2015-09-17/18: We will be showcasing VOCE's demo application at TechDays, in Aveiro, Portugal.

2015-09-18: Mariana Julião will be presenting her thesis work "Speech Features for Discriminating Stress" at ConfTele/ TechDays, in Aveiro, Portugal.

2015-07-25: Our paper "A Parallel Computing Hybrid Approach for Feature Selection" has been accepted for publication at IEEE CSE 2015, in Porto, Portugal.

2015-06-27: Our paper "Fine Grained Stress Assessment in Ecological Conditions" has been accepted for publication at IEEE EMBC, in Milan, Italy.

2015-05-29: Our paper "A Mobile Sensing Approach to Stress Detection and Memory Activation for Public Bus Drivers" has been accepted for publication at IEEE Transactions on Intelligent Transportation Systems.

2015-05-20: Our paper "Speech Features for Discriminating Stress Using Branch and Bound Wrapper Search" has been accepted for publication at SLATE 2015, in Madrid, Spain.

2015-03-01: Tânia Pereira joined the team now as a full time researcher.

2015-02-13: We received over 15 application to the open BI-MSc positions and new members will join us soon to continue the work.

2015-01-01: Mariana Julião joined the team now as a full time researcher.

2014-12-11: Mariana Julião defended her MSc thesis "Feature Sets for Stressed Speech Discrimination".

2014-11-30: Jaime Ferreira leaves the project after 2 years to enroll in a PhD position. We thank Jaime for all his efforts and contributions. His contributions to VOCE were very relevant to get this position.

2014-06-15: We have published the first releases of our annotated speech collection platform and the VOCE Corpus. Please contact us to obtain the platform, or any other information

2014-03-17: We have a new open position for a graduate researcher (MSc completed).

2014-01-24: Our paper "VOCE Corpus: Ecologically Collected Speech Annotated with Physiological and Psychological Stress Assessments" has been accepted for publication at LREC 2014, in Reikjavik, Iceland.

2013-01-20: We started collection of subjective assessments of stress using our online platform. Please participate under the Survey tab!
2013-10-01: Prof. Cristina Queirós, FPCEUP, joined the VOCE team.
2013-09-09: We received great feedback on VOCE at the MCSS@Ubicomp2013!
2013-06-20: Our paper "Speech Stress Assessment using Physiological and Psychological Measures" was accepted for publication at the 2nd ACM Workshop on Computational Social Science, co-located with Ubicomp 2013, in Zürich, Switzerland.
2013-05-01: Paula Fortuna joined the team at FPCEUP.
2013-03-01: Mariana Cunha joined the team at IT.
2013-01-01: Prof. Pedro R. Almeida from FPCEUP and FDUP joined the research team.
2012-12-28: Open position: PhD level researcher up to 2 years.
2012-12-20: 2nd Project meeting at FEUP.
2012-12-01: Mariana Julião and Jorge Silva joined the team at IT.
2012-11-01: Jaime joined the team at INESC-ID.
2012-10-01: Ricardo Morgado joined the team.
2012-07-19: Tiago Borba defended his MSc thesis on the VOCE speech collection platform achieving a grade of 17. Congratulations!
2012-06-20: VOCE meeting in FEUP.
2012-06: Mariana Pereira, an undergraduate student at FPCEUP joined the team.
2012-05-30: VOCE preliminary data gathering took place at FPCEUP.
2012-03-06: VOCE kick-off meeting took place on March 6th in FEUP.