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PhD Student in Digital Media, MSc in Multimedia, MSc in Mechanical Engineering.


Vítor Carvalho pursues his professional activity in the Development and Innovation Unit, Information Systems area of UPdigital and is an Invited Assistant Lecturer at University of Porto (U.Porto).

At the same time, he is part of the teams Porto4Ageing (Center for Excellence in Active and Healthy Aging of Porto), Laboratory for Inclusion and Multimodality of Media Innovation Labs of U.Porto and PLACES (Accessibility Platform of U.Porto).

He is a PhD student in Digital Media at U.Porto. He has a Master in Multimedia and a Master in Mechanical Engineering from the same University.

His research interests are focused on accessibility and usability, which converged in his recent MSc thesis in Multimedia entitled "Conversão de Imagens SVG para Texto e Fala" (Converting SVG images to Text and Speech) (2014).

Within Mechanical Engineering, has particular interest in ecodesign and life-cycle assessment (LCA) tools. In this context, is the author of a MSc thesis in Mechanical Engineering entitled "FRED - Ferramenta para Relatórios de EcoDesign" (FRED - Reporting Tool for EcoDesign) (2009).


This is the short version of Vítor Carvalho's curriculum.

If you want, check the Vítor Carvalho's long version curriculum.

Professional Experience

  • Senior IT Technician.
    University of Porto, Porto (Portugal).
    Main activities: Web design, multimedia design (printing and video), accessibility and usability advisor.
  • Invited Assistant Lecturer.
    Faculty of Engineering of the University of Porto (Portugal).
    Lab Classes of "Rehabilitation Engineering" (Master in Bioengineering and Master in Biomedical Engineering).


  • PhD Student in Digital Media.
    University of Porto, Porto (Portugal).
  • MSc in Multimedia.
    University of Porto, Porto (Portugal).
  • MSc in Mechanical Engineering.
    University of Porto, Porto (Portugal).


  • Production of Educational Videos.
    University of Porto, Porto (Portugal).
  • Project Management.
    University of Porto, Porto (Portugal).
  • Accessibility in the Classroom.
    University of Porto, Porto (Portugal).
  • Accessible Digital Contents.
    Faculty of Arts of the University of Porto, Porto (Portugal).
  • Efficient Time Management.
    Faculty of Psicology and Education Sciences of the University of Porto, Porto (Portugal).


Speaker at Conferences, Seminars and Events

  • 23rd Workshop of the WireAcademy - Accessibility: Opportunities and Challenges.
    "Acessibilidade na Presença Web da Universidade do Porto (Accessibility on the Web Presence of the University of Porto)".
    September 29th, 2021.
    Porto (Portugal).
  • 2020 IEEE Global Engineerig Education Conference (EDUCON).
    "Development of Accessibility Resources for Teaching and Learning of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics".
    April 28th, 2020.
    Porto (Portugal).
  • Forum - Tecnometal's 40th Anniversary.
    "Indústrias Inclusivas - da Utopia Imaginada à Realidade Tangível (Inclusive Industries - From Imagined Utopia to Tangible Reality)".
    March 22nd, 2019.
    Porto (Portugal).
  • DSAI'15 - International Conference on Software Development and Technologies for Enhancing Accessibility and Fighting Info-exclusion.
    "Automatic description of SVG images for the visually impaired: a Gestaltic approach".
    June 10th, 2015.
    Fraunhofer FIT, Sankt Augustin (Germany).
  • Seminário ACESSO.02.
    "Conversão de Imagens SVG para Texto e Fala".
    April 17th, 2015.
    Porto Design Factory, Porto (Portugal).
  • ICEAPVI 2015 - International Conference on Enabling Access for Persons with Visual Impairment.
    "Converting SVG Images to Text and Speech".
    February 13th, 2015.
    Eugenides Foundation, Athens (Greece)
  • Future Places 2014.
    "Converting SVG Images to Text and Speech".
    October 16th, 2014.
    UPTEC PINC, Porto (Portugal).


Email: vitor@uporto.pt.

ORCID: http://orcid.org/0000-0002-8220-8918.

Research Gate: https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Vitor_Carvalho12.

YouTube: VMCWD
VMCWD stands for "Vítor Manuel Carvalho's World". My YouTube channel has things that I personally like to do: drawing, painting, podcasts, and technology reviews (english and portuguese).

Blog: Vítor Web Design at Blogspot
Technical and personal information (in portuguese).

Phone (work): (+351) 220 408 611.