Publishing Ethics


Publication ethics and malpractice statement

1. Publication and authorship:
The authors of all papers published in the conference Proceedings of SHMII-10 are responsible to present original scientific/ technical work, excluding any type of plagiarism or the use of fraudulent data. In the final part of the papers, it is recommended that the authors also present a complete list of references, mentioning related works from other groups, as well as the funding supports that enabled to conduct the research.

2. Author´s responsibilities:
Every work submitted for publication at SHMII-10 will be subjected to a Reviewing Process developed by Members of the International Scientific Committee and (Co-)Organizers of Mini-Symposia, taking into account different aspects, such as the importance in field, the clarity of objectives and methodology, the innovative aspects and the language. This reviewing process is carried out in two phases: (1) after Abstracts submission and (2) after Papers submission. The authors or co-authors of all papers, who must have contributed significantly to the research, and respect the compromise to use exclusively real and authentic data, are obliged to provide retractions or corrections of mistakes required by the Reviewers.

3. Peer review / responsibility for the reviewers:
The Reviewers should have no conflict of interest with respect to the research, the authors and/or the research funders. Their judgments should be objective, stressing weak and strong aspects of the work, and pointing out relevant published work which is not yet cited. All reviewed articles will be treated confidentially.

4. Editorial responsibilities:
The main Editorial responsibility belongs to the Chair of the Organizing Committee of SHMII-10, in connection with the Chair of the ISHMII Advisory Committee, who have complete responsibility and authority to reject/accept an article based on the comments and suggestions of the Reviewers, and always excluding any type of conflict of interests. The Editors are responsible to accept a paper only when reasonably certain, to promote publication of correction or retraction when errors are found, and preserve anonymity of reviewers.

5. Publishing ethics issues:
The Editors will be responsible for safeguarding publishing ethics, and they will be willing to publish corrections, clarifications, retractions and apologies when needed.
No article mainly reflecting commercial interests will be accepted. All authors fully agree to allow that their articles become freely available through the conference webpage after the event.
Otherwise, they must require to the Chair of the Organizing Committee to withdraw the paper not later than 1 May 2021.