The Portuguese Robotics Open  wil take place in Gondomar at the Multiusos Sports Hall.



Av. Multiusos,

4420-015 S. Cosme

GPS coordinates:

41°08'08.3"N  8°32'19.8"W

41.135647, -8.538827






A particular bus of the National Robotics Festival will be available:

Departure: Dragon Stadium for Multiusos Sport Hall

Schedule: to be defined

Return: Multiusos Sport Hall for Dragon Stadium

Schedule: to be defined

By car

In (VCI) take the exit to the A43 (IC29) the Multiusos Sport Hall is at the exit Gondomar Center

By bus

From the Dragon Stadium - 46 min

Bus 800 to Souto + 12 min walk (cost approx. 1.95 € (single agent))

From the center of Porto (Bolhão market) - 59 min

Bus 800 to Souto + 12 min walk (cost approx. 1.95 € (single agent))

By taxi

The approximate cost of a trip between the Estádio do Dragão and the Multiusos de Gondomar is about 8 €, if it is at the weekend it costs 2 € more and if it takes luggage it costs 2.5 € more.


The weather in Gondomar in April is mild.

The month of April is characterized by daily maximum temperatures increasing by 1 ° C, from 17 ° C to 18 ° C, rarely dropping below 13 ° C or exceeding 23 ° C.



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