Introduction to Robotic Soccer and the RoboCup Federation

Robotics is a complex challenge that involves many areas of scientific and technological knowledge like:

  • Mechanics and materials
  • Electricity and Electronics
  • Computer Sciences
  • Control Engineering
  • AI

How is robotics performance evaluated?

The RoboCup Federation promotes annual games with local and world wide teams. This competitions have several leagues, each with different challenges. The main leagues are fully autonomous, that is, no human control at all. These several competitions can provide standard benchmarks for robotic performance.

The leagues where we are present are:

  1. Small Size League - Focus on advanced control and cooperation
    • The 5dpo team was vice-champion in 2006, 3rd in 1998 and has several quarter finals presences. We where Europena Champions three times, in 2001, 2006 and 2007.
  2. Middle Size League - Focus on self localization and cooperation
    • The 5dpo-2000 team as two 3rd places in the European Competition and a few national victories.

For more details on these and other Leagues, please visit RoboCup Federation.

Future RoboCup events will take place in:

  • 2012 Mexico City, Mexico
  • 2011 Istanbul, Turkey

Past Robocup events were held at:

  • 2010 Singapore
  • 2009 Graz, Austria
  • 2008 Suzhou, China
  • 2007 Atlanta, USA
  • 2006 Bremen, Germany
  • 2005 Osaka, Japan
  • 2004 Lisbon, Portugal
  • 2003 Padua, Italy
  • 2002 Fukuoka / Busan, Japan
  • 2001 Seattle, USA
  • 2000 Melbourne, Australia
  • 1999 Stockholm, Sweeden
  • 1998 Paris, France
  • 1997 Nagoya, Japan

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