Welcome to the 5dpo Site

Where are we from

The 5dpo Team is formed by a group of Researchers, Teachers and Students from the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering (DEEC) of the Faculty of Engineering (FE) from the University of Porto (UP) (FEUP)

We are also affiliated to the INESCPorto research institution, “Robotics” - Robotic and Intelligent Systems Group.

What we are

  • A Robotics Research group.
  • The group responsible for the Robotic Soccer teams under RoboCup Federation rules (see Intro):

Main Interests

Our Research Topics are:

  • Vision Based Self Localization
  • Data Fusion
  • Real-Time Control
  • Decision and Cooperation

Site & Contact

We are currently re-structuring all of our web site, so feel free do email us with hints and suggestions for improvement.

Our email is: robosoc(at)fe.up.pt

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