Rodrigo Jorge Fonseca de Oliveira Maia

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Rodrigo Jorge Fonseca de Oliveira Maia





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1. Evaluation of alternative water management scenarios: case study of Ribeiras do Algarve, Portugal

1. Wall shear stress determination from near-wall mean velocity data in turbulent pipe and channel flows

1- Operational Space-assisted Irrigation Advisory Services: Overview and lessons learned from the DEMETER project.

2. Portuguese-Spanish River Basins: Bilateral Agreements’ Evolution and Context

2. Edge Effects on the Flow Characteristics in a 90º Tee Junction

2- DSS application to the development of water management strategies in Ribeiras do Algarve River Basin

3. Iberian Peninsula’s Shared Rivers Harmonization of Use: A Portuguese Perspective

3. Energy dissipation downstream of dams established in alluvial beds

3-Water Stress Mitigation: The AquaStress Case Studies

4. DSS application to the development of water management strategies in Ribeiras do Algarve River Basin

4. The beginning of sediment transport – a different approach

4- Improving irrigation performance in hose-drawn travelling sprinkler systems.

5. Sharing water (Chapter 11 in "Water: a shared responsibility")

5. Investigations on alluvial bed protection downstream a mobile dam stilling basin

5- Climate change and water resources management—A federal perspective: U.S. Geological Survey Circular



6-CV Alfonso Calera Belmonte

Faculdade de Engenharia da Universidade do Porto

Departamento de Engenharia Civil

Secção de Hidráulica, Recursos Hídricos e Ambiente

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