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I have moved from INEB and FEUP. For more information check out my homepage.

I'm currently a researcher at the Biomedical Imaging and Vision Computing Group at the Biomedical Engineering Institute (INEB), Porto. My main research focus is on digital microscopy image analysis with the aim of automatic image analysis tools for biology research.

To deal with the high levels of noise and low contrast found in many microscopy image modalities my current research uses local interest point detectors and descriptors towards an increase in the robustness of the applied methodologies and greater usability.





PhD. Thesis

Field of Research

Local interest point detectors and descriptors have been used in the last few years as state of the art solutions for many of the most difficult image analysis problems in computer vision. At INEB, a particular local interest point detector family, the local convergence filters (LCF), has been applied to the detection of cells with success. Based on LCF it was possible to detect and correctly estimate cell nuclei's shape and detect cell division. LCF have been shown to deal well with overlap and clustered cells in many cell microscopy image modalities.

LCF have already been applied for cancer cell invasion analysis and are now being extended to the analysis of cell mobility trough the tracking. For increased robustness and performance the shape of the detected cells is being used to correct tracking by association results.

Current developments in this area are being conducted to introduce adequate descriptors for cell categorization in order to enable unsupervised cell categorization and indexing to aid in analysis for the Biology researcher.

Open Source Software

For more software and updated versions of these application check out INEB's BioImaging software webpage .

To enable other to use the research that the BIOImaging group develops at INEB some software is being released to the community and is now available:
MIQuant - Infarct extension evaluation software
CellFileAnalyzer - Automatic plant cell file analysis
Local convergence filters for cell detection and analysis