The Prime Talks, hosted by FEUP as part of its FEUP Prime programme, are a moment of sharing experience on topics relevant to companies and which aim to disseminate a culture of innovation and knowledge produced by FEUP Partner companies in collaboration with the Faculty.

In the 7th Prime Talk Prof. Kai Hoberg will discuss the future of logistics and the challenges of human-machine interaction in supply chain planning. Together with the company Rangel we will try to understand how the supply chain analysis will improve the decision making, showing how IoT can help to solve the problems related to these supply chains.

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Kai Hoberg
He is Head of Department of Operations and Technology and Professor of Supply Chain and Operations Strategy at Kühne Logistics University since November 2017. He joined the KLU as an Associate Professor in May 2012. From 2010 to 2012 he was Assistant Professor of Supply Chain Management at the University of Cologne. Kai Hoberg received his PhD in 2006 from Münster University, Germany under supervision of Prof. Dr. Ulrich W. Thonemann.
Kai Hoberg’s current research topics include supply chain analytics, the role of technology in supply chains, inventory modeling, and the link between operations and finance. In particular, he explores the fundamental drivers of supply chain performance and strategies applying real-world data. His research findings have been published in academic journals like Journal of Operations Management, Production and Operations Management or European Journal of Operational Research. Besides research, Kai Hoberg is very enthusiastic about teaching supply chain management applying new teaching concepts.

Pedro Maurício
Head for overall management of all business development activities. Responsible for the creation of all sort of standard but also innovative solutions for warehousing and express shipping solutions, within the company scope. Main responsible for market feedback to the company leadership and remaining stakeholders regarding prospect needs, competition moves and market trends. First responsible for generating product development ideas. Owner of the sales role for the business.