The Prime Talks, hosted by FEUP as part of its FEUP Prime programme, are a moment of sharing experience on topics relevant to companies and which aim to disseminate a culture of innovation and knowledge produced by FEUP Partner companies in collaboration with the Faculty.

In the 3rd session, Filipe Gaspar, Vice President of Research & Development at Hovione, and Pedro Araújo, CEO of Advanced Cyclone Systems, will talk to us about collaborative research and its impacts in both companies and universities and how can academy knowledge generate economic and social value, mainly through new products and services

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Filipe Gaspar

He is the Chief Technology Officer at Hovione, having the responsibilities over the R&D groups and Digital functions. Filipe leads a group of about 200 highly qualified individuals both in US and Portugal. Before this role he worked in the Particle Design Business unit, particularly on formulation of the technological and IP strategies, which allowed Hovione to become the world leader in spray drying. A highly principled and motivated individual that takes enormous satisfaction from making things happen. Works with method, likes to do things well and operates within a strategic framework that he either develops or believes in.
Enjoys the challenge of thinking about and learning new things. Likes diversity and hence his interest in varied areas such as People & Organizational Development, Science & Engineering, Marketing & Business Development and more recently Smart Manufacturing $ Digitalization.
Filipe holds a PhD in Chemical Engineering from The University of Birmingham (UK).
In his spare time, he enjoys spending time traveling with his family and practicing a variety of sports.

Pedro Ribas Araujo

He is the CEO of Advanced Cyclone Systems, founded in May 2008, spacialised in the conception, comercialisation and installation of systems of patented cyclones for particle capture in industry.
He was born in Porto in 1977 and graduated in Industrial Engineering at FEUP. In 2001, he started his career in the logistics area and sales forecast in the clothing brand Throttleman, present in several countries. This experience was very important to consolidate the scientific approach to management that was taught in the course of Industrial Management and Engineering, as well as to bring it closer to strategic, commercial and business marketing areas.
Since 2003, he has co-founded several companies in the area of Sports Facilities Management, where he worked as Commercial Director.
Between 2005 and 2007 he took an MBA at U.N.L. in which he participated in the CoHitec programme of COTEC which aims to bring together management students and scientists, in order to create technology-based companies with high growth potential. The ReCyclone® cyclone technology developed at FEUP by Romualdo Salcedo was proposed to the CoHitec program and passed all the selection phases until the entrance of investors in the capital stock.
ReCyclone® systems are today one of ACS’s flagship products, serving as a technology platform to solve gas-solid separation problems in multiple industries.