Innovation often requires advanced research in technology fields and FEUP is at the forefront of many areas in engineering. The doctoral research projects initiative aims at offering companies a standard procedure to initiate a research project with FEUP involving a doctoral candidate and adequate funding. This involves negotiating a research objective with FEUP and selecting the most appropriate doctoral candidate to carry out the project, which will be supported during the doctorate and may have the opportunity to integrate the company when finished.

Companies are welcomed guests in many educational programmes initiatives, as they provide the market with requisites needed in real applications. Project based learning activities in some courses often make a call for applications of companies in the need to explore new approaches and solutions. Sometimes, corporate guest lecturers are also invited to share their unique expertise in niche areas or accumulated experience in international markets. Besides, FEUP must undergo regular evaluation as to the quality and relevance of its engineering degree programmes, engaging academics together with engineers from industry to ensure that graduates have the required skills.

In an ever changing competitive environment, lifelong learning is key to adapt to new technologies, to invest in new skills and to share knowledge. Working together with the Faculty, companies can design tailor-made training courses fitted to their talent needs and driving innovation into the corporate culture