14th PPEPPD 2016                                            May 22-26 | Porto | Portugal 

International Conference on Properties and Phase Equilibria for Product and Process Design


PPEPPD 2016: Thank you message

PPEPPD 2016 is over and we wish the best of success for the next event in Canada, in 2019.

We would like to extend our deepest thanks to all participants for the high quality and novelty of your scientific contributions, as well as great times spent enjoying each others' company. 

Thank you, for the success of this conference depended on you all.

Photographs highlighting the event can be found and downloaded here until November 2016.

Porto and Lisboa, September, 2016

                                                Maria Eugénia Macedo and José Nuno Canongia Lopes

                                                Chairs of PPEPPD 2016

Welcome to PPEPPD 2016

The Conference endeavors to provide an effective forum for academic and industrial researchers to meet and communicate on the status and future trends in properties and phase equilibria, important to the design of products or processes. Thermodynamics is the main source of inspiration.

Important and distinctive characteristics of PPEPPD include:

An unusual breadth in scope. There is fertile exchange of ideas among people doing research in very different scientific disciplines, or working in different branches of industry. The unifying thread is the language of thermodynamics and an interest in the measurement, calculation, and prediction of properties. The goal of all work being discussed is the design of new and better products and processes for a healthier, longer, safer, and happier living. The object of design may vary widely in nature and scale, e.g., from new molecules to chemical plants.

A well-balanced participation of both academia and industry. This is achieved by striking an optimal balance between fundamentals and applications, between theory and practice, and by maintaining very high standards of quality.

An emphasis on both product and process design, following the shifting paradigms in the chemical engineering profession worldwide.

An adherence to innovation and excellence as the basic selection criteria. Every effort is made to attract top-notch invited speakers and to screen posters and contributed talks for originality and quality. As a consequence, the conference is not only broad, but also deep. Everyone leaves the conference having learned a great deal and eager to embark on new investigations.

A coherence in format and an emphasis on interaction. There will be invited plenaries and parallel sessions of contributed papers and the size of the conference is limited to 250 participants. There are intense discussions among participants, which are greatly aided by the abundant poster sessions and workshops.

An optimal combination of renewal and continuity. The same speaker is almost never invited to speak on consecutive conferences and talks are not given by members of the International Organizing Committee. The participation of “new blood” is encouraged. In setting up to the program, organizers are keen to highlight promising new areas of technology; at the same time, important advances in traditional areas are also covered. A unique perspective is afforded by this 14th conference from the beginning nearly 40 years ago: a summary of a future publication containing the history of the PPEPPD Conferences will be presented at the conference.

An open, informal atmosphere that encourages participation by everyone. In PPEPPD conferences one finds senior members of the profession alongside novice graduate students. Common meals, the conference excursion and dinner are designed to promote mixing of participants. Participation of young researchers is encouraged by reducing their Fees.

Porto, January 2015

                                                Maria Eugénia Macedo and José Nuno Canongia Lopes

                                                Chairs of PPEPPD 2016

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A global forum for academic and industrial researchers.

Updates & News

PPEPPD 2019:

The 15th International Conference on Properties & Phase Equilibria for Product and Process Design, will be held in Vancouver, Canada, May 12-16, 2019.    

The IOC of PPEPPD 2016 announces that the Winner of the John Prausnitz Award is Professor Doros N. Theodorou (Greece). Please check the Awards page for more information.

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