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Objectives - Provide knowledge on the design and project of offshore structures and offshore engineering. Introduce the design of offshore fixed and floating foundation structures, with practical application cases.



Module I - Introduction, Loads and General Design Principles

Session 1

Introduction to Offshore Engineering

 Dr. Taveira Pinto

 Opening remarks and general information
 Introduction to offshore structures and offshore engineering
 Introduction to commonly used regulations in offshore engineering


Session 2


Environmental Conditions & Design Loads

 Dr. Erik Vanem

 Dr. Paulo Santos

 Review of loads and hydrodynamic concepts
 Evaluation of design loads
 Met-ocean description and statistical modelling of environmental loads
 Examples of Application


Session 3 


General Design Principles, Scour, Cable Burial & Pipelines 

 Dr. Piet Haerens

 Dr. Richard Whitehouse

General design principles in offshore structures
Seabed mobility, design levels and case study
Scour protection design
Subsea power cables and case study
Examples of application


Module II - Design of Offshore Structures and Foundations


Session 4 


Fatigue Analysis & Design

 Dr. José Correia

 Dr. Nicholas Fantuzzi

Fatigue analysis and stages of fatigue damage
Global and local approaches
Stress concentration and intensity factors
Approached based on fracture mechanics
Hot-spot stress analysis
Fatigue damage accumulation and S-N curves
Simplified fatigue method
Fatigue analysis based on fracture mechanics
Examples of application


Session 5


Modelling of Offshore Structures

 Dr. José Correia

 Dr. Nicholas Fantuzzi

 Dr. Dimitrios Pavlou

Introduction to structural modelling
Dynamics of offshore structures
Single degree of freedom structures (SDOF)
Multi degree of freedom structures (MDOF)
Finite element modelling of a fixed-bottom platform
Members, joints and mass modelling
Actions modelling
Types of structural analysis      
Session 6 Mooring Systems and Pipelines


 Dr. Guilherme Paredes

 Dr. Dimitrios Pavlou



Introduction to mooring systems
Types of mooring systems and mooring cables
Manual solution of a catenary system
Coupled and un-coupled solution
Matlab application of mooring systems
Forces in floating structures
Forces in mooring cables
Equations of mooring cables
Frequency and time domain methods
Applicable standards
Fatigue and ultimate limit state
Permanent and temporary installations


The program and lectures include the practical examples of application, combining the theory application with real cases of design.