Thesis in the Industry

By strategic option MIEEC theses are not internships. FEUP has other mechanisms to provide its students with the day to day experience of working in a company and of the routine tasks that are part of any business; one example of such mechanisms is FEUP’s Summer Internship (Estágio de Verão da FEUP).

The model for a thesis in the industry assumes that the company has identified a problem that is somehow close to its business and that the company wants to solve through an engineering project that is to some extent innovative.

However, this is not enough for a thesis in MIEEC: it is also necessary to contextualize the project in the state of the art and to define a methodology for the performance evaluation of the project. To do this, UPorto professors that work in the areas covered by MIEEC will take the role of supervisor throughout the thesis development and in the viva that will evaluate the thesis.

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