We suggest that thesis proposals by the industry are done in coordination with a UPorto professor. This way the extent to which the thesis is innovative, the state of the art, and the evaluation methodology can be assessed before the proposal is submitted. This not only increases the quality of the proposal but can set the student and the company on track faster to a better engineering project.

The ECE Department at FEUP is organised in Scientific Discipline Areas (Áreas Disciplinares) where companies can identify professors that may be interested in their proposals. FEUP’s website has additional information about DEEC and FEUP professors. Many DEEC professors are also associated to Research Institutes from which it may be easier to identify professors that work in relevant areas for a specific company. Finally, DEEC is willing to help companies identifying professors. Our contact is .

Call for thesis proposals are typically announced in July and close in September for students that do their thesis preparation in the first semester of the academic year (September-January) and their thesis development in the second semester (February-June).

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