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FC Portugal Rescue team is the result of a cooperation project between the Universities of Aveiro (IEETA Lab) and Porto (LIACC/NiAD&R Lab) in Portugal. The project was launched in January 2004 but had financial support only available in January 2005 (FCT/POSI/EIA/63240/2004) to really start as planned. The project continues previous collaborations of these two Portuguese Universities in RoboCup simulation league and associated competitions: coach competition, simulation league presentation competition and simulation 3D competition.

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FC Portugal Rescue project intends to fully adapt the coordination methodologies developed by FC Portugal simulated soccer team to the search and rescue scenario. Although our team was not ready for participating in RoboCup 2004, the first results achieved were very encouraging, making us believe that, after getting proper conditions for develop this project and fully implementing our simulated soccer coordination methodologies in our rescue team, our result may be a lot better.


Qualification Material


Nuno Lau, Luís Paulo Reis and Francisco Reinaldo, FC Portugal 2005 Rescue Team Description: Adapting Simulated Soccer Coordination Methodologies to the Search and Rescue Domain, RoboCup Rescue Team Description Paper, Porto, 2005

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RoboCup Teams

bulletFC Portugal (Simulation 2D/3D, Coach and Rescue Teams)
bullet5DPO (Small Size and Middle Size Teams)

Research Focus

FC Portugal research focus is on Coordination Methodologies applied to the Rescue league and on developing a common approach to all RoboCup leagues (simulation 2d/3d, rescue, small-size, middle-size and legged). We also conduct research on learning methodologies and coaching/supervising teams of agents using RoboCup Rescue as main scenario.


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