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FC Portugal legged league team is the successor of FC Portus team that achieved 5th place in RoboCup 2003 (Padova) and 9th place in RoboCup 2004 (Lisbon).

FC Portugal team is being developed by a research group with a long and successful experience in RoboCup (simulation, small-size and middle-size leagues) and results from the combined efforts of several research laboratories, universities and schools.

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bulletFC Portugal (Simulation 2D/3D, Coach and Rescue Teams)
bullet5DPO (Small Size and Middle Size Teams)

It also uses several research methodologies and code from our teams in other leagues (FC Portugal simulation and coach leagues and 5DPO small and middle size leagues). The team includes several research innovations (like the effective use of Situation Based Strategic Positioning, Dynamic Role Exchange, Tactical Flexibility and Automatic Color Calibration).

Although we are still in the process of adapting our 2004 code to the new ERS7 robots, we already have the new robots playing on the field and we are confident that our new team will be a lot more robust and flexible in its coordination methodologies and soccer playing strategies.

Research Focus

FC Portugal research focus is on Coordination Methodologies applied to the legged league and on developing a common approach to all RoboCup soccer leagues. In the context of this project we also perform research on Multi-Resolution Algorithms for Computer Vision and Automatic Calibration, Agent Architectures, Intelligent Multi-Agent Communication, Navigation, Localization and Multi-Agent Learning, applied to teams of mobile Robots.


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