Areas of Interest – Structural Health Monitoring

New Sensors and Innovative Instrumentation

Development of electric and optic based sensors, and sensor holders, in view of a more reliable and durable monitoring of civil engineering structures. Implementation of automatic acquisition systems, remotely controlled, for short and long-term monitoring.

Field Implementation of Monitoring Systems

An appropriate field application of monitoring systems is a crucial issue to perform reliable health monitoring results. The identification of critical structural regions and the proper parameters to be measured, as well as, the correct implementation of the sensors, equipment and monitoring network in situ are mandatory.

Lifecycle Management

The data processing and the damage identification and localization are essential procedures to add knowledge to the bulk measurement data. Statistical pattern recognition and other advanced algorithms are being applied and developed to extract in real time the necessary information to take decisions about the current condition of monitored structures.

Fibre Optic Sensors; Innovative Transducers; Bridges Instrumentation; Load Tests; Permanent Monitoring; Data Mining; Damage Detection; Management and Maintenance.