Areas of Interest – New and Eco-Efficient Materials

Design based concrete

The present scientific area comprises the study and the development of the self-compacting concrete technology (SCC), and the design of new concrete mixes to enhance specific properties of hardened concrete.

Early age concrete performance

Characterization of cement hydration, heat release, shrinkage and creep of early age concrete is a topic of great relevance in the lifecycle design of structural concrete.

Industrial by-products and waste materials in building and civil engineering

This topic is devoted to the upgrading of industrial by products and waste materials, to solve environmental problems and building construction sustainability.

Durability of concrete structures

Mix design selected additions and controlled permeability formwork to enhance concrete durability and new methods for controling and extending the service life of concrete structures are worked out.

FRP composite systems

The overall safety of a strengthened structure by bonding technique with epoxy resins it is important to control the hygrothermal gradients in the period of service life because they can interfere on the behaviour of the bonding agent.

Self-Compacting Concrete; High Performance Concrete; Early Age Behaviour Concrete; Industrial By-Products Waste Materials; Structural Concrete Durability; Fibre Reinforced Polymers.