Laboratory of Structural Concrete at FEUP

LABEST has allocated, at Building H of FEUP Campus, laboratory spaces of more than 1000m2 constituting the Structural Concrete and Materials Testing Laboratories. Areas of development and preparation, stockage areas, several climatic and ageing chambers, and differentiated testing areas for micro-analyses of materials, structural components behaviour and full scale tests. The laboratory is equipped with servo-controlled load frames and hydraulic actuators, several climatic chambers, concrete mixing and characterization facilities, and modern diagnosis and monitoring systems. The laboratory activity comprises research and development of new product, supplying of services to construction industry and post-graduate formation.

Name FEUP ID Used Area
Structures Lab H102 374 m2
Concrete Workshop H002 363 m2
Durability Lab H205 40 m2
Test Room H011 39 m2
Fluency Chamber H015 38 m2
Rheology Room H016 38 m2
Material Deposit H012 37 m2
Instrumentation Room H013 37 m2
Workshop H019 36 m2
Curing Chamber H040 26 m2