Views of foreign stereographers / publishers

Many foreign stereographers / publishers produced series about Portugal from the 1850's until the 1930's / 1940's, and the amateur stereographers that travelled around in Portugal, Madeira and the Azores, produced their own images as well. The earliest series of professional stereoviews of Portugal were certainly produced in the 1850's and are most probably of French origin. Henri Plaut was possibly the first important professional stereographer to produce a series of Portugal, even though it seems to cover only the area of Lisbon and Sintra. The remaining series of Portugal in the early period of stereoscopy (until the 1870's) were also dominated by French photographers, including Ferrier et Soulier's glass views, and later Adolphe Block (who identified himself as "B. K. Edit. Paris"), Léon et Lévy, and Jean Laurent (who was active in Paris and Madrid).
Very few American stereographers are worth of mention in the earlier period. The only exception seems to be Miller & Brown (Boston), who produced an interesting series of the Azores in the 1860's. Apart from that example (which apparently did not include continental Portugal), B. W. Kilburn seems to be the first major American publisher to have included Portugal in their catalogue of views. Their images are however not earlier than the mid-1880's, possibly from the 1890's. The later big players in the American stereoscopic scene (H. C. White, Underwood & Underwood, Keystone) all included Portugal and Madeira in their series, although they seem to have neglected the Azores. However, the inclusion of Portugal in their listings seems to take place only in the very beginning of the 20th century, possibly starting with the 60-card set of Portugal published by Underwood & Underwood (1902). The 1880's therefore mark the transition to the period dominated by American companies. With the exception of a few far less relevant examples from Britain and France, American publishers were responsible for the majority of the foreign views of Portugal that were produced from the 1900's to the 1930's.

The list below includes all the foreign companies / professional stereographers that are known to have produced views of Portugal, Madeira or the Azores:

  Adolphe Block (BK) (info, views, album)
Anthony's Stereoscopic Views (info, views, album)
B. W. Kilburn (info, views, album)
Coll. Photo Stéréo (info, views, album)
Excelsior Stereoscopic Tours (info, views, album)
Ferrier P. & F. & Soulier (info, views, album)
H. C. White (info, views, album)
Henri Plaut (info, views, album)
J. J. Killelea (info, views, album)
J. Laurent
(info, views, album)
Keystone (info)
      - 400-card World set (info, views, album)
      - 1,200-card World set (info, views, album)
      - Geography Units (info, views, album)
      - Variants of the Portugal 60-card set (info, views, album)
      - Assorted views (info, views, album)
Léon et Lévy (info, views, album)
Miller & Brown
(info, views, album)
Presko Binocular Company (info, views, album)
Realistic Travels (info, views, album)
Stéréofilms Bruguière (info, views, album)
Strohmeyer & Wyman (info, views, album)
T. W. Ingersoll (info, views, album)
Underwood & Underwood (info)
      - Portugal 60-card set (info, views, album)
      - Variants of the Portugal 60-card set (info, views, album)
      - Assorted views (info, views, album)
United Photographic Company (info, views, album)


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