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Most of the stereoviews listed here were produced by Portuguese stereographers (amateur or professional) that did not use any labels or stamps to indicate the authorship of their work. The remaining views were made by foreign stereographers that traveled around in Portugal, Madeira or the Azores, for leisure or work.
It is interesting to notice that the views made by amateurs are sometimes accompanied by notes on the back which convey the impressions of the photographer, a practice which hardly ever happens with commercial views. They occasionally represent locations or settings that would never capture the attention of a professional stereographer (e.g. a small shop in the mid of nowhere), and as such bring us a personal record of daily life in days that are far gone. Those amateur views are frequently quite more interesting than professional views, even if the quality of the images is normally better in the latter case.
The period covered ranges essentially from the late 1850's to the 1920's, and both card-mounted views and glass views are represented. Glass views made by amateurs frequently cover various locations, when made during a leisure trip. In those cases it seemed better to preserve the unity of the box, rather than to scatter the views among the various locations represented.

The views listed here are therefore grouped by locations or boxes (in the case of of 6 x 13 cm glass views). Almost all of the glass views are in 6 x 13 cm size, with only a few examples in 45 x 107 mm (these are grouped by location, together with card-mounted views). The information associated with each entry below describes the type of card mounts, as well as the elements known in relation to the boxed glass views, and may eventually facilitate the identification of the stereographer / publisher.

  Barcelos - A box of glass views (1922) (info, views, album)
(info, views, album)
Braga / Bom Jesus - A box of glass views  (info, views, album)
(info, views, album)
Guimarães (info, views, album)
Leça do Balio (info, views, album)
Lisbon (info, views, album)
Madeira (info, views, album)
Nazaré (info, views, album)
Porto (info, views, album)
Porto - Int. Exib. at the Crystal Palace (info, views, album)
Sintra (info, views, album)
Tomar (info, views, album)
(info, views, album)
Various locations - Two boxes of glass views
(info, views, album)
      - A football game in Oporto (F. C. Porto)
      - A tennis game somewhere (Oporto?)
      - Guimarães
      - Leixões
      - S. Salvador de Briteiros
      - Santo Tirso
      - A selection from all the rest


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