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Year: 1st (PRODEI) | 5th (MIEIC)
Semester: 1st
Credits: 7,5 ECTS (PRODEI) | 6 ECTS (MIEIC)
Hours/Week: 3
Classes: 1
Teachers: Cristina Ribeiro (MCR); João Correia Lopes (JCL)

Teaching Language


Objectives, Skills and Learning Outcomes

On completion of this course, the student should be able to:


  1. Introduction to XML and associated technologies: models and document validation; XPath processing and XQuery interrogation.
  2. XML storage: native XML databases; XML storage in object-relational databases.
  3. Text information retrieval; retrieval models; evaluation; web information retrieval.
  4. Information description: semantic web languages; RDF, RDF-Schema, OWL; ontologies for data in a domain.

Main Bibliography

Teaching Procedures

Lectures include theoretical presentation of the course subjects and practical sessions where proposed research topics are discussed with the students and practical coursework reported.



Evaluation Type

Distributed evaluation with final exam

Registered Evaluation and Occupation Components

DescriptionTypeTime (Hours)Date of conclusion
Attendance (estimated)Lectures39 
1st DeliveryWork252009-10-21
2nd DeliveryWork252009-11-18
3rd DeliveryWork252009-12-16
Study and tutorial exercisesTest/Examination482010-01-10

Admission to Exams

The course has a practical component which results from the execution of projects, to be delivered up to their due dates established in the course plan.

The students are admitted to the final exam if they achieve 50% in each component of the project work. Success in the course requires 40% in the exam grade.

Final Mark

The final grade is computed using the formula: GRADE = 60% Project + 40% Exam.

The Project component results from the practical evaluation and can be obtained:

  1. completing three practical assignments according to the proposed scripts;
  2. proposing a semester-long project and reporting its results in the same sessions as the assignments.

The project and its workplan must be validated by the course instructors.

Special Assignments


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