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LBAW Product Check-list (A10+11)

Master in Informatics and Computing Engineering
Database and Web Applications Laboratory
Instance: 2018/2019

Items to verify or prepare in the development and presentation of the final product.

  1. Implement privileged authentication (sign-up, sign-in, password recovery).
  2. Implement support for mobile devices (responsiveness).
  3. Implement search using the full-text search features of PostgreSQL.
  4. Implementing contextual help (online help).
  5. Ensure isolation of various system layers following Laravel's architecture.
  6. Implement an architecture to handle internal errors.
  7. Implement AJAX calls.
  8. Prepare pages for printing (print.css)
  9. Validate data entered by the user in forms using HTML5.
  10. Validate data entered by the user in forms using JavaScript.
  11. Validate data entered by the user in forms using Laravel.
  12. Check HTML and CSS code using the W3C validation tools.
  13. Check the accessibility of interfaces using automated tools and checklists.
  14. Check the usability of the product based on checklists of common web usability problems.
  15. Remove test and development comments from source code.
  16. Remove temporary or unused files from the delivered source code.
  17. Create a tag ("A10") on the GitLab repository
  18. Include a list of features in the product artifact (A10), showing the implementation status of each feature (as a percentage).
  19. Ensure the product is available, inside the FEUP VPN, at http://lbaw18GG.lbaw-prod.fe.up.pt.
  20. Include the URL of the product in A10.
  21. Include product access credentials (with different levels of permissions) in A10.
  22. Prepare a promotional video of the product (2 minutes maximum) and include a reference to it in A11.
  23. Prepare the project presentation artefact (A11) and submit it in Moodle.
  24. Remove test data from the database.
  25. Populate the database with good (realistic) examples.
  26. Prepare the script for product demonstration (not to be delivered).


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