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The glossary is a vocabulary of terms of the project. Both terms of the problem domain and technical terms may be included [Ambler04] .

The terms of the domain vocabulary and the technical terms relevant to this project are presented in Table 1.

Term Meaning
Artist Musical artist (eg "Nick Mason" Pink Floyd drummer)
Author Author of a work (eg "Eça de Queirós")
Liquid design User interface design that looks for high levels of accessibility by adapting the layout of the contents to the window size (of the Browser) being used. Content can "flow" freely through available space.
Google Books API that can be used to get information about books (http://code.google.com/apis/books/)
Group Musical group (eg "Pink Floyd")
Item Instance of a work (eg Copy of "Os Maias" existing in the site of the "Smiths")
Work A book, record or movie (eg "The Maias" of Eça de Queirós)
Owner User belonging to same site as item creator
Role Role played by a participant in a film or album (eg "Drummer" or "Director")
Site Place where a set of works resides and to which a set of users is associated (eg the "Smiths" house)
Support Physical support of a work (eg "Paper", "DVD", "VHS", "CD", "MP3", "MP4", "AVI")
XML Extensible Markup Language is an annotation language that defines a set of rules for encoding documents and is readable by humans and machines

Tabela 1: Glossary of domain terms.



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