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A1: MediaLibrary

This project intends to specify, develop and promote an information system available through the web for the management of collections of books, films, music albums, slides and their users.

We think that, nowadays, it would be useful to have an application that allows users to manage all items and their loans. Collections are physically distributed across multiple locations and the system will aggregate all items in a virtual library accessible to all users.

The platform will have an adaptive design, allowing the user to have a pleasant browsing experience, regardless of the access device (desktop, tablet or smartphone). The technology used will also allow fluent usage in navigation and provide an excellent user experience.

Users are separated into groups with different permissions. There must be administration usage profiles, with all the privileges of access and modification. There also must be registered users usage profiles, with privileges to enter information, request and return of individual items, consult the information, register comments for the items, and evaluate the items.



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