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LE03: 28/02/2020

Master in Informatics and Computing Engineering
Database and Web Applications Laboratory
Instance: 2019/2020

Lecture #3 :: 28/02/2020


By the end of this class, the student should be able to:

  • Understand the fundamentals of visual design and the intrinsic complexities of designing interactive systems.
  • Understand the impact of visual design on usability and readability.
  • Identify common mistakes and pitfalls of visual design, specifically on the web.


  • The importance of visual communication on the Web
  • Impact of the visual communication on usability and legibility
  • Introduction to elements of visual communication
    • Typography
    • Color
  • Introduction to principles of visual communication
    • Proximity
    • Similarity
    • Continuity
    • Closure
    • Visual Flow
    • Constrast
    • Hierarchy


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  • White, A. (2011). The Elements of Graphic Design (Second Edi). New York: Allworth Press.



  • Introduction to the elements and principles of Visual Communication Design, by Andreia Pinto de Sousa. 1)

LBAW, 2019/20

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Introdução aos elementos e princípios de Design de Comunicação Visual, por Andreia Pinto de Sousa.
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