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Peer assessment

Master in Informatics and Computing Engineering
Database and Web Applications Laboratory
Instance: 2018/2019


Peer assessment is intended to gather information about the inner workings of the groups, including the impact of the work of each member on the results achieved by the group.


After logging in using the pair "user/password" received by email, the student fills out a form tailored to his group, taking into account that:

  • For each member of the group, including himself, he chooses the percentage that best represents the impact of the member's work in the group work: ideas, commitment, achievements.
  • The percentage is stated as an integer and the sum of the percentages must be 100.
  • A justification, with a maximum of 3 lines of text, may be filled in.

The submissions are recorded, but only the last submitted peer assessment will be considered.

Peer assessment is confidential and will be used to help a better distribution of the group's grade by their elements (as deltas) and to identify possible individual interview needs.

The final grade of the group will not be published until all peer assessments of its members are received.

Example of deltas

The mean relative deviation of the percentages for each student is used following a logarithmic formula which tends to a maximum delta of 10% (2 out of 20). Negative deviations correspond to negative deltas.

The following table presents the deltas for a group of 4 students; for example, for an assessment of 27%, there is a 8% relative deviation (the difference between the peer assessment (27%) and the expected percentage (25%) divided by the expected percentage (25%)), which results in a delta of 4% (0.8 out of 20).

Peer assessment
(group of 4, expected 25%)
Relative deviation Delta to the group grade
10 -60% -10.0% (2 out of 20)
20 -20% -7,3%
21 -16% -6.7%
22 -12% -6.0%
23 -8% -4.0% (-0.8 out of 20)
24 -4% -2.0%
25 0% 0%
26 4% +2.0%
27 8% +4.0% (0.8 out of 20)
28 12% +6.0%
29 16% +6.7%
30 20% +7.3%
40 60% +10.0% (2 out of 20)


The peer assessment form is available in http://web.fe.up.pt/~jlopes/p/avalia-lbaw.php


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