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III. Architecture Specification and Prototype (EAP)

This component groups artefacts related to the architecture specification of the information system to be developed and the (vertical) prototype implemented to validate the architecture.

A7: High-level architecture. Privileges. Web resources specification

This artefact presents an overview of the web resources to implement, organized into modules. Also included in this artefact are the permissions used in the modules to establish the conditions of access to resources.

For each module identified in the artefact, a catalogue of web resources that are part of the module, including possible APIs, must be presented. For each resource, the expected URL, HTTP methods and parameters supported as well as possible responses should be included. For resources with a user interface, a reference (link) is included to the corresponding graphical interface defined in A3 artefact. For resources that need SQL, a reference is included to the corresponding SQL statement in A9 artefact.

A7 MediaLibrary example | A7 template

A8: Vertical prototype

The Vertical Prototype includes the implementation of two or more user stories (the simplest) and aims to validate the architecture presented, also serving to gain familiarity with the technologies used in the project. It should be based on the LBAW Framework and include work on all layers of the architecture of the solution to implement: user interface, business logic and data access.

Instructions on installing and deploying the framework are provided at Developing the project with Docker, Laravel & PostgreSQL.

The code of the prototype is kept in the GitLab repository in an independent branch (named proto).

The prototype is available, inside the FEUP VPN, at http://lbaw18GG.lbaw-prod.fe.up.pt.

A8 MediaLibrary example | A8 template

A9: Main accesses to the database and transactions

This artefact presents the main accesses to the database, including the transactions.

For each transaction, the isolation level must be explicitly stated and read-only transactions must be identified to improve global performance. For each identified access, the SQL code and the reference of web resources (A7) must be presented. A given database access can be used in more than one resource.

A9 MediaLibrary example | A9 template

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