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A9: Product [35]

This artefact is the result of the implementation of the information system designed in the earlier stages, using PHP and the Laravel Framework for producing dynamic web pages, and PostgreSQL as a database management system.

The product includes: instructions for installation and use and access credentials. The product version considered for evaluation is the one available on the group's Docker Hub account by the artefact's delivery deadline. That container will be made available at http://lbaw20gg.lbaw-prod.fe.up.pt and will be used, from that URL, for the demonstration (A10). No update to the image will be available after the submission deadline.

The product should also describe the type of assistance supported by the web application (context-sensitive help, notifications, help pages, etc.), describe and briefly justify the revisions introduced to the initially defined requirements and architecture and identify the development status (in %) of each of the requirements (user Stories) initially set in A2.

To evaluate the product, by observing the operation of the developed web application and the delivered code, the following items will be assessed:

  • Product usability — accessibility, usability of interfaces and online assistance (e.g. help online).
  • The features implemented — minimum set of features considered essential.
  • The use of technology and the architecture — modularity of the solution, the quality of the source code, proper use of languages ​​and technologies.
  • The robustness of the product — absence of failures during operation, error handling (the access to the database and business logic in PHP), form validation in HTML5 and JS.

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