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A8: Vertical prototype [8]

The Vertical Prototype includes the implementation of two or more user stories (the simplest) and aims to validate the architecture presented, also serving to gain familiarity with the technologies used in the project. It must be based on the LBAW Framework (see the template-lavavel) and include work on all layers of the architecture of the solution to implement: user interface, business logic and data access.

The US implemented must be specific of the group's project. Adapting the provided authentication system is required but not considered part of those US. The US must include at least a form, an action, an AJAX request, and a search or update of the database.

The instructions on installing and deploying the framework are provided at Developing the project with Docker, Laravel & PostgreSQL.

When the image is uploaded to DockerHub, the prototype is available, inside the FEUP VPN, at http://lbaw20gg.lbaw-prod.fe.up.pt.

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