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A3: User Interfaces Prototype [12]

The User Interface Prototype artefact has the following objectives:

  1. Help to identify and describe the user requirements, and also raise new ones;
  2. Preview and empirically test the user interface of the product to be developed;
  3. Enable quick and multiple iterations on the design of the user interface.

Since an User Interface Prototype (or horizontal prototype) allows for a much faster implementation than the final product, it allows to easily test and validate the design at an early stage of the development, enabling empirical testing, such as usability testing and in situ observations of the design being used by real users. It also permits to quickly iterate on the design of the interface, implementing the results from the initial tests.

This artefact should include three elements:

  1. Overview of the interface elements and features common to all pages;
  2. Overview of the information system from the viewpoint of the users (sitemap);
  3. Identification and description of the main interactions with the system (at least two), organized as sequences of screens (storyboards).

The user interfaces must be implemented using HTML, CSS, JS. You can also use PHP includes to reduce code repetition (e.g. headers, navigation, footer). The overview of the interface elements must include a presentation of the behaviour of the interfaces in small screen devices such as smartphones. This artefact includes screenshots of the interfaces, alongside with a link to a web page for each interface implemented. This artefact also includes, as annexes, digitized copies of the materials developed, specifically the hand-made wireflows.

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