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RE04: 02/11/2020

Master in Informatics and Computing Engineering
Programming Fundamentals
Instance: 2020/2021

Practical work #4 :: Week of 02/11/2020


The student should prepare himself beforehand, for the following:

  • Lecture of Monday (LE07):
  • Lecture Thursday (LE08):
  • Assignment of the week (RE04):
    • read the relevant bibliography of LE05 (Functions) and of LE06 (Fruitful functions),
    • go to the playground of the week (Py04) and
    • try the easy exercises (1 star) and the medium exercises (2 stars) at Play


  1. Get the assignment of the week at Test1)
  2. Start answering the exercises of the week assignment using Spyder3
  3. Test your solutions to the exercises using Test
  4. At the deadline, when the time expires, you are NOT allowed to make any more changes on your answers
  5. Test will submit later, in Moodle, a zip with your answers and you can check your grade in the gradebook
  6. Advanced students may have a look at an optional, not graded, challenge at Moodle > Extra Work > CH01


  • Guido van Rossum et. al., The Python Library Reference Release 3.8.6, September 27, 2020, available in [PDF]
  • FPRO lectures' Notebooks, available at FPRO's public repository
  • FPRO Test to test & submit, available at FPRO's App2)
  • FPRO Play to the playground, available at FPRO's App3)
  • Spyder | Docs, Editor — Spyder3 documentation, available at spyder-ide.org


  • Working with functions. Function with arguments and return values. Boolean functions.

FPRO, 2020/21

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1) , 2) , 3)
Needs VPN, when outside FEUP's network
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