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Master in Informatics and Computing Engineering
Programming Fundamentals
Instance: 2019/2020

Practical work #1 :: Week of 23/09/2018


To do the practical work, the student should be prepared beforehand:

  • for the lectures (LE01 & LE02), read and understand the relevant sections of the bibliography in (Plan > Contents)
  • for the lectures (LE01 & LE02), try the [easy] exercises at (Play)1)
  • for the assignment of the week (RE01), try the [medium] exercises at Play


  1. If you're not in Linux, please reboot the class computer, choose "FEUP Ubuntu Linux" and login with your credentials
  2. Init Anaconda using the command: /opt/anaconda/bin/conda init
  3. Close the current Shell and open a new one2)
  4. Start Anaconda graphical interface using the command: anaconda-navigator
  5. You may need to add another channel to have Spyder and Jupyter3)
  6. Get the assignment of the week at Test App4)
  7. Start answering the exercises using Spyder3
  8. Test your solutions to the exercises
  9. When ready, before the deadline, submit the zip at Moodle5)



  • Using the classes' computers to write the first programs with Spyder3 IDE for Python, test the programs with the Test App and submit the assignment in Moodle.

FPRO, 2019/20

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1) , 4) , 6)
Needs VPN, when outside FEUP's network
notice the change in the prompt to (base) .
Environments > Channel > "Spyder" > Update channels # adds "Jupyter Notebooks" as well, or vice-versa
You may submit more than once and only the last submission is considered
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