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Week Week Date Study Practice Assess
1 16/09/2019 FEUP Project Week/Semana Projeto FEUP
2 23/09/2019 Introduction, Algorithms and Programs, Python [LE01] Using Spyder, Moodle, Play, Test [RE01]
Simple Python Data [LE02]
3 30/09/2019 Program Flow, conditionals [LE03] Simple data [RE02]
Iteration [LE04]
4 07/10/2019 Functions [LE05] Program Flow, Conditionals and iteration [RE03]
Fruitful functions [LE06]
5 14/10/2019 Strings [LE07] Functions [RE04] [PE01]
Tuples [LE08]
6 21/10/2019 Lists [LE09] Strings & Tuples [RE05]
Working with lists [LE10]
7 28/10/2019 FEUP Week/Semana FEUP
8 04/11/2019 Dictionaries [LE11] Lists [RE06] [PE02]
Sets [LE12]
9 11/11/2019 Recursion [LE13] Dictionaries & Sets [RE07]
More recursion [LE14]
10 18/11/2019 Functional programming with collections [LE15] Recursion [RE08]
Comprehensions [LE16]
11 25/11/2019 Higher-order functions [LE17] Functional programming with collections [RE09] [PE03]
Effect-free programming style [LE18]
12 02/12/2019 List algorithms [LE19] Effect-free programming [RE10]
Analysis of algorithms [LE20]
13 09/12/2019 Modules [LE21] Divide-and-Conquer [RE11]
Main, global variables, pathlib [LE22]
14 16/12/2019 Files [LE23] Problem solving [RE12] [PE04]
Exceptions [LE24]
15 23/12/2019 Christmas vacation/Férias do Natal
16 30/12/2019 Christmas vacation/Férias do Natal
17 06/01/2020 Python frameworks [LE25] Files and exceptions [RE13] [PE05]
Debugging & testing [LE26]
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