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 **Master in Informatics and Computing Engineering\\ **Master in Informatics and Computing Engineering\\
   Programming Fundamentals\\   Programming Fundamentals\\
-  Instance: 2019/2020**+  Instance: 2020/2021**
 \\ \\
 --- ---
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 ===== - Introduction ===== ===== - Introduction =====
-This pages collects the known rules for FPRO.+This FAQ collects supplementary information in addition to what is already in the general U.Porto or FEUP rules (e.g. general evaluation rules or number of absences allowed) and the rules contained in the Unit description: 
 +  * Unit description: [[https://sigarra.up.pt/feup/en/UCURR_GERAL.FICHA_UC_VIEW?pv_ocorrencia_id=436425|Sigarra]] 
 +  * U.Porto General Integrated Masters Regulations: [[https://sigarra.up.pt/up/en/web_gessi_docs.download_file?p_name=F-2108827111/Regulamento%20Geral%20dos%20Ciclos%20de%20Estudos%20Integrados%20de%20Mestrado%20da%20UPorto.PDF|Sigarra]] 
 +  * Student disciplinary regulation of the University of Porto: [[https://sigarra.up.pt/feup/en/web_gessi_docs.download_file?p_name=F-684168888/GR_03_07_2011_Regulamento_Disciplinar_Estudantes.pdf|Sigarra]] 
 +  * Declaration of Principles on Academic Integrity of the University of Porto: [[https://sigarra.up.pt/fpceup/pt/legislacao_geral.legislacao_ver_ficheiro?pct_gdoc_id=562550&pct_nr_id=671&pct_codigo=7|Sigarra]] 
 +  * General regulation for the assessment of [...] integrated masters [...] students of U.Porto: [[https://sigarra.up.pt/feup/en/web_gessi_docs.download_file?p_name=F-1284966467/Regulamento%20de%20avalia%E7%E3o%20de%20discentes%20UP%20-%202018.19.pdf|Sigarra]] 
 +  * Specific regulation for the assessment of students at FEUP: [[https://sigarra.up.pt/feup/en/web_gessi_docs.download_file?p_name=F2118070764/Reg_Espec_Aval_Disc_FEUP.pdf|Sigarra]] 
 +  * Examinations at FEUP : [[https://sigarra.up.pt/feup/pt/web_base.gera_pagina?P_pagina=242382|Sigarra]] (**NOT applicable as there's no exams in this Unit!**)
 ===== - Communication ===== ===== - Communication =====
-The forum at the [[https://moodle.up.pt/course/view.php?id=2126|Moodle of the UC]] is the preferred means of electronic contact with teachers+If you have difficulties with an exercise or assignment, the Slack of FPRO is the preferred means to ask questions for help. 
-The use of these forums leads to a quick response from any of the teachers or colleagues.+ 
 +The use of Slack leads to a quick response from any of the teachers or colleagues. Nevertheless, you can and should answer your colleagues, but without providing an explicit solution with Python code.  
 +Students are encouraged to go to the "Clinic" to talk with student assistants and get help on problems related to the use of the tools: use of Spyder, installation of Anaconda, test and submit an assignment in Test, configure and use the VPN, among others.
 ===== - Collaboration ===== ===== - Collaboration =====
-Students may work with colleagues. +Students may work with colleagues.  
-However, each student must write and submit separately, using Moodle, his or her assignment +However, each student must write and submit the assignments separately, using [[http://fpro.fe.up.pt/test|Test]]
-Students must indicate with whom they have worked in each assignment.+
 ===== - Plagiarism ===== ===== - Plagiarism =====
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 \\ \\
- --- //FPRO, 2019/20//+ --- //FPRO, 2020/21//
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