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FPRO by-laws

Master in Informatics and Computing Engineering
Programming Fundamentals
Instance: 2018/2019

1. Introduction

This pages collects the known rules for FPRO.

2. Communication

The forum at the Moodle of the UC is the preferred means of electronic contact with teachers. The use of these forums leads to a quick response from any of the teachers or colleagues.

3. Collaboration

Students may work with colleagues. However, each student must write and submit separately, using Moodle, his or her assignment. Students must indicate with whom they have worked in each assignment.

4. Plagiarism

We may run tools to detect plagiarism (e.g. duplicate code submitted). If plagiarism is detected, the marks are adjusted accordingly.

5. Problems with submissions of LE

For the calculation of the final grade of the LE evaluation, only the 20 best results (for example 20 out of 24) are considered to solve cases of justified (or not) misuse of the Moodle platform.

6. Codeboard.io

DELETEME (2018.11.06) Replaced by http://fpro.fe.up.pt/test/

The Codeboardd usernames, the same usernames as in Moodle, can't be changed, so double-check for typos when signing up. Once students login to Codeboard, they remain signed-in for 30 days or until they explicitly sign-out or they delete the browser's Codeboard session cookie.

Students must be aware that they can only save their "version" of the exercise, if they are signed-in with their Codeboard account. Save is not automatically done; to save the current version of the project, go to "Project > Save".

The Codeboard projects for RE weekly assignments are private and are only reachable using the students' Moodle account, and only during to the week of the assignment.

If students are signed-in to their Codeboard account, then their submissions will appear under their Codeboard username and can be identified. Otherwise they get a grade, but are recorded as "anonymous" and therefore cannot be reviewed. However, only the "newest" submission, the last, will be inspected and given feedback for. Also, it's always the newest submission that determines the grade in Moodle, as grades of previous submissions get overwritten.

FPRO, 2018/19

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