Currently the Internet is a way of communication that companies increasingly use as part of its strategy of marketing and advertising.

Online advertising is currently the only source of income for many websites. Companies such as Google, Yahoo and Microsoft recognise the potential of online advertising and are currently considered as the main online advertising agencies. North America Equity Research estimates that Google's growth in 2009 will be around 55%. Due to its increasing importance and the large amount of money that online advertising generates, it has been target of fraud.

AuditMark is a company that develops security solutions and web audit services such as online advertising campaigns and Web traffic analysis. This company acts as a regulator of online advertising.

The activities of AuditMark require the management of much information. This information should then be available to customers, advertisers, so they can manage their advertising the best way.

The objective of this project is to develop a web application to control AuditMark's auditing system. This application will be a custom tool to control this workflow. This tool will allow all the information to be available for their clients anywhere, at any time, only at a distance of a click.da